Christopher (Frag) Fragapane ; photographer, Husband, Father, bon vivant, globetrotter and adventurer.
  Born to Sal, a Former Marine and mechanic and Sylvia, a life long amatuer artist, in th bucolic foothills of the Adirondack mountains, the youngest of three. His formative years were spent drawing pictures  and riding bicycles, his teens, drawing and working on cars with his father.
  After graduating from Rome Free Academy, where he completed every art class offered with the exceptions of 3D art and, ironically, photography, Christopher earned his degree in the Applied Science of Photography at the regional secondary education concern. 
  Post college Christopher relocated to New York City where he worked along side many talented and hardened photographers from across the globe, gaining valued
experience in fields ranging from fashion and lifestyle to advertising and still-life photography. It was at this time that Christopher began to build the frequent flyer accounts that would spark his appetite for international travel, exotic street foods and hotel bars.


Having spent a decade and a half in New York City and watching it’s best gritty bits be hosed off and sold to any number of national name brands, and having grown older and more wise, seen the world and fallen for a girl from Ireland who lived in Los Angeles,it was time for Christopher to follow his heart to the west coast of America.
  Settling in Venice, California he would soon marry and start a family with Elaine,the girl from Ireland. They continue to travel the world seeking out new experiences, exotic cuisines and collecting frequent flyer miles with their two beautiful kids Lydia and James in tow..
  Drawing from a background in art and fashion, Christopher has worked for a variety of clients including corporate, home design, fashion and entertainment firms.
Christopher is perhaps best known for his cinematic lighting style and his grandmothers spaghetti sauce recipe.